Card Transact FAQs

To view your card’s PIN, select the card in the app, followed by ‘Card PIN’ and enter the 3-digit security number on your card’s signature strip.

Yes. You can block your card, for example, if you believe it has been compromised or misplaced. To do this, select the card followed by ‘Card block’. If you find your card you can also unblock it and start using it again. If you block your card and wish to order a new one, please contact your banker to arrange this. Blocking your card does not block your account. If you suspect your account has been compromised, please contact your banker immediately.

Select the inactive card and then ‘Activate card’. You can also activate your card by contacting our 24-hour card help centre on 0345 601 1107.

No. Not all online purchases using your card will ask you for authentication. If authentication is required, you will be prompted on screen and a notification will appear on your smartphone asking you to authorise the purchase. You can also authenticate online card purchases by confirming a code sent to you by SMS text message.

Not from the Card app. You can use the Banking app to make a payment from your bank account. The payee must first be set up using online banking. The Banking app is available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Notifications may be turned off on your smartphone. To turn them on, use the settings menu on your smartphone and allow notifications for the Card Transact app.

Card Transact is for managing your Hampden & Co cards and for authorising online purchases when using your card. Your Banking app is for managing your Hampden & Co accounts and allows you to view your transactions and statements, transfer money between accounts, and make payments from your account. Both apps are available from the Apple and Google Play stores.