Hampden & Co Property Finance Review 2019 - In association with The Times

Hampden & Co Property Finance Review 2019 - In association with The Times

Since we launched in the summer of 2015 there have been a number of elements of the Hampden & Co offering that clients and other professionals have appreciated, but one of the most significant of these has been our ability to work with every client individually to help them with their borrowing needs, especially when it comes to mortgages.

Jeremy Vaughan, Managing Director, Banking
Hampden And Co Property Finance Review 2019

The frequency with which we meet affluent individuals who are encountering frustrations with other lenders while trying to arrange a mortgage led us to carry out a survey, in association with The Times, to see how widespread these problems are.

The link to the results of this survey, along with forwards by both Graeme Hartop, our Chief Executive, and Carol Lewis the Deputy Editor of Personal Finance and Property for The Times is below, but some headlines are:

  • Only 30% of the affluent individuals we spoke to described the experience they had of taking out a mortgage as 'easy'
  • Almost half of respondents experienced difficulties when arranging their mortgage
  • 87% want banks to be doing more to help families get on the property ladder
  • Only 3 in 10 people surveyed felt they had been “treated like a person” during the mortgage process

In the report, some of our Private Bankers have added their analysis and commentary against this insight, which I hope you will find interesting. If you do have any feedback on this, please contact your Private Banker, or do let us know.